Fatbergs in our Drains

The benefits of using the Fatstrippa Grease Traps G.R.U Unit

  • No need for costly chemical dosing.
  • Different sizes to suit your requirements.
  • Manufactured in Ireland so less lead time.
  • Compliant with council regulations.
  • Lifetime guarantee on the Fatstrippa Grease Traps units.
  • Investment returned on average 2-3 years.
  • No other hidden costs.
  • T&C apply, please contact for further details.
  • No more ongoing Grease trap maintenance.

This is what a fatberg looks like.It is a build up of fats ,oils and grease

and other waste in the underground drains and represents  a real

cost as the Government has a polluter pays policy.This money is paid

when you get your trade effluent licence.Depending on the Grease trap

you have and your particular set up, you are put into a risk category

and the cost of your licence in reflected as such,You will normally pay

280 euro for your trade and effluent licence.