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Grease traps passive  automatic

Grease traps passive or automatic,  in their basic sense are units that trap grease, oil and fats so it does not enter the drains.

Fats oil and grease will block the drains and cost a lot of money every year to clear.

Grease traps  automatic

The Fatstrippa unit will remove 99.6% of the fog, ensuring only clean water enters the drains.

The staff remove the oil.

The oil supplier will collect the oil.

The end user will have zero costs.

.You should be thinking about a grease trap that will not be a continual cost going forward.

The Fatstrippa Unit is a once off installation with no after costs. No pump outs. No outside maintenance, no breakdown.Every other grease trap will have ongoing

costs. A passive grease trap must be pumped out every 3 months. Sometimes earlier as they smell quite bad. Although automatic separate and remove the oil, because they are mechanical

they can breakdown.If you are thinking think about what you have been spending over the years maintaining traps in order to stay compliant, you realise the overall cost is significant.

Spending money on the right choice will save in the medium to long term. As a result of forward thinking from the start you will be saving a lot of money.