Drogheda and Balbriggan

Grease Trap Compliance

The Council through Irish Water have been very busy over the last month or so.  We have had a lot of calls regarding our recent shout out to Drogheda Business, restaurants and takeaways.As we predicted, Irish Water are seeking out  non compliant Food establishments. They are enforcing the existing law re trade effluent licencing.If you get a call or are just trying to establish if you are compliant or not, give us a call on 0863845300. We can arrange a quick visit to let you know where you stand.We currently have our FATSTRIPPA GREASE TRAPS in EDDIE ROCKETS, SPAR, CENTRA, YAMAMORI, RUSTIC STONE, SUPERVALU, MARKS AND SPENCER, MACARIS, PIZZA HUT, DOMINOS PIZZA, APACHE PIZZA, and the list goes on

Demand for grease trap information is high in Drogheda

Recent visit to Drogheda

Environmental Innovations recent visit to Drogheda regarding our free grease trap pre compliancy report before Irish Water makes an Inspection is allowing Restaurant , hotel ,shop and pub owners to gain an insight into what will be required of them when Irish Water makes an Inspection.The feedback we are getting has been very positive.It also represented an opportunity to showcase our product The Fatstrippa Grease recovery Unit.If you need assistance re grease trap issues ,we are only too happy to assist you in any way we can.


Fatbergs in our Drains

The benefits of using the Fatstrippa Grease Traps G.R.U Unit

  • No need for costly chemical dosing.
  • Different sizes to suit your requirements.
  • Manufactured in Ireland so less lead time.
  • Compliant with council regulations.
  • Lifetime guarantee on the Fatstrippa Grease Traps units.
  • Investment returned on average 2-3 years.
  • No other hidden costs.
  • T&C apply, please contact for further details.
  • No more ongoing Grease trap maintenance.

This is what a fatberg looks like.It is a build up of fats ,oils and grease

and other waste in the underground drains and represents  a real

cost as the Government has a polluter pays policy.This money is paid

when you get your trade effluent licence.Depending on the Grease trap

you have and your particular set up, you are put into a risk category

and the cost of your licence in reflected as such,You will normally pay

280 euro for your trade and effluent licence.

Fatstrippa Grease Compliant

Are You Compliant?

As Irish Water are inspecting more Hotels, restaurant and Delis in every County than ever before, it is becoming more important to be Compliant with Grease Trap and F.O.G regulations.Environmental Innovations  are now offering a Free Nationwide  pre compliance report on your grease trap status.This will give you the info you need to comply

with Irish Water and the f.o.g regulations

Irish Water Trade effluent licence

Fatstrippa Grease Recovery unit.