Grease trap – Frylow as one

Grease trap and frylow

The Fatstrippa grease trap is the only grease trap that does not require pump outs.

This alone represents big savings to the end user.

When you combine the use of the Fatstrippa grease trap  and the frylow,you save big time.

The frylow will pay for itself in no time and furthermore the fatstrippa in 1-2 years,probably the biggest savings you will make.

The Fatstrippa is already saving our customers on breakdowns,maintenance and on pump out fees.

And now our customers are reporting massive saving on deep fryer oil cost too.

If you are serious about saving money in your kitchen,you should take a close look at these products.

Together they are a game changer in relation to your oil costs.

There is no downtime with either product and no maintenance either.

We have found that the frylow works best in kitchens that operate a high quality service.

Where high food quality and best practices are practiced.


grease trap

We have built a strong customer base and have gained a credible reputation with the Fatstrippa. We are now repeating this success with the Frylow.



We searched for two products that would compliment each other when it comes to fats oil and grease.We believe we have found the perfect match.

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