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Grease trap – Frylow as one

Grease trap and frylow The Fatstrippa grease trap is the only grease trap that does not require pump outs. This alone represents big savings to the end user. When you combine the use of the Fatstrippa grease trap  and the frylow,you save big time. The frylow will pay for itself in no time and furthermore […]

Fatstrippa Grease Recovery unit.

Grease trap makes money. We install the Fatstrippa grease Trap in Dublin.We are present in Meath and Louth,Galway,Cork Kerry and Limerick.We  now supply the Frylow unit. The frylow will save you at least 50% on your deep fryer oil costs.Check out our website and face book and learn how we can save you a lot of […]