Fatstrippa Grease Trap and the Frylow unit




(A) Waste water contaminated with F.O.G (fats, oils and grease) flows in through the inlet of the Fatstrippa Grease Traps.

(B) Small food particals are trapped in the stainless steel basket as the water passes under the first weir into the seperation chamber.

(C) The F.O.G rises up to the compression plates it is lighter than water.

(D) The heating element helps the oil to seperate from the fine particals and rise up.

(E) Because the compression plate is angled up, this will encourage the oil to travel up to the patented oil valve . This oil valve only allows oil to pass through and will close when it detects water.

(F) The oil then passes into an oil cassette, which can be stored for collection by an oil supplier. This is a continuous, automatic and non mechanical process.

(G) The oil that is recovered is 99.6% pure. The water is now free of F.O.G content and leaves the unit through outlet G entering the drains without threat of blockage, and more importantly, compilant.

The benefits of using the Fatstrippa Grease Traps G.R.U Unit

  • No need for costly chemical dosing.
  • Different sizes to suit your requirements.
  • Manufactured in Ireland so less lead time.
  • Compliant with council regulations.
  • Lifetime guarantee on the Fatstrippa Grease Traps units.
  • Investment returned on average 2-3 years.
  • No other hidden costs.
  • T&C apply, please contact for further details.
  • No more ongoing Grease trap maintenance.

Frylow Units in action – Video


The Frylow  is an oil extending photo-catalytic ceramic device for use in all deep fryers. The Frylows patented technology conditions and extends the deep fryer oils lifespan by up to 400% providing a longer life period between oil change cycles.

The Frylow is the perfect solution to controlling your oil costs. The Frylow  requires no electricity and is simple to install. It is highly cost effective and very low maintenance. Frylow is not a filters or a chemical  additive, the powerful synergy of Frylow  and its ability to save you substantially on oil costs is unrivalled . Within a very short time of installing the Frylow, you will be seeing huge results

Benefits of Frylow

Longer Oil Usage

Through Frylow  revolutionary technology the oxidation process is reduced and therfore dramatically increases the life span of cooking oils.
Customer feed back and recent tests have proven the Frylow can extend the frying oil life by up to 400%.

Lighter, Healthier and Crispier Deep – Fried Foods.

Frylow reduce the amount of oil absorbed into the fried food producing products that are lighter, crispier and healthier.
Tests have proven the frylow can reduce the calories in food by up to 47%. The food cooked utilizing the Frylow comes out fresh, full of its own natural flavour.

Reduced Utility Costs

The Frylow technology enables food to be cooked at lower temperatures and faster cooking times. This results in reduced gas or electricity costs.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Because the Frylow extend the life span of cooking oils this creates less environmental waste. Combined with the reduction in electricity and gas costs and reduced cooking times you will be significantly reducing your carbon foot print.

5 Year Warranty

Manufactured in Japan and made to the highest quality standards that Japanese manufacturing has been renowned for. The Frylow are a robust long lasting unit. We are so sure of the quality of this product we back it with an unprecedented 5 year warranty.

What our clients say about us

“It’s all about the cost and where you can make savings and that’s what I like about the Fatstrippa Grease Traps. I no longer pay for pump outs and that means substantial savings for me. In fact there are no costs after the installation….

Jim Bird
Jim BirdOwner, Supervalue, Beechmount, Navan

“In the fast food business there is no time for breakdowns. We have the units in a number of our restaurants and to date we have saved money as there are no costs with Fatstrippa Grease Traps units and they are extremly reliable. I would highly recommend them.”

Niall Fortune
Niall FortuneEddie Rockets

“Fallon and Byrne have been using Fatstrippa Grease Traps units for a number of years and are very happy to recommend them. The unit is efficient and reliable.”

Nick Head Chef, Fallon and Byrne

“We felt that the Fattrippa Grease Traps units were the best products to tackle the fats and oil waste issue we were dealing with. We will continue to purchase these units for our other outlets going forward…
Great Product !”

Ann Marie Murphy
Ann Marie MurphySpar

“We have two units here for a long time now. We are a busy business and it’s all about reliability. I don’t give these units another thought as I know how good they are…Sinnotts are happy to endorse this product.”

Aroslaw Zysko
Aroslaw ZyskoManager, Sinnotts Bar, South King St, Dublin 2

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